Private Debt:

  • We works closely with local businesses to source much needed debt either for trade or investment to realise their growth possibilities.
  • With the continent continuing to be plagued with high borrowing cost our clients have come to trust us to deliver inventive answers to their borrowing need.
  • Our debt team have available to them access to some of the top debt funds and institutions. Working with these we are able to sourcenew debt or provide refinancing solutions.

Our debt advisory process:

  • Review business operations and forecasts to ascertain debt capacity and debt fundraising options.
  • Identify and source potential lenders.
  • Assist in production of information pack to lenders, using experience to ensure that all critical issues are covered.
  • Create a reasonable process and lead discussions to ensure the best terms are achieved for the client.
  • Provide assistance with presentations and information flow to ensure the Company can remain focused on running the business.
  • Oversee lenders credit process to ensure the deal closes within the required timetable.
  • Can manage an equity fundraising if there is a funding gap.
  • Renegotiation of current debt facilities

Private Placement Debt

  • We continue to work directly with local investment advisories and underwriters in the provision of private placement debt.
  • We support the efforts of both local and foreign promoters in the placement of private debt among our institutional investor relations.

Hybrids Solutions:

  • We delight to see companies go through the different stages from early to late stage growth
  • We ease the growth plan of the most promising of companies by providing subordinated debts and hybrids such as mezzanine and convertible debt facilities.

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